TREMOR: Reflections on the Nature of Parkinson's

Kristin V. Rehder, Basin Reflections in Sunlight (diptych), October 29, 2022

TREMOR is a series of large-scale photographs that emerged from my daily walks just behind our residence in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I created these images after my Parkinson’s diagnosis in 2019 in order to explore the many connections between my body’s quaking and the changeability of the natural world.

Keeping within certain parameters, I shot in and around a small catchment basin of water, foxtail grasses, hickory and mulberry trees, a galaxy of birds, and distant farm fields. By allowing my animated hand to direct the camera while shooting with a slow shutter, I simply gave my shaking its due.

Together, my tremor, the camera, and the movements of the natural world help me create a different kind of art, converting what some perceive as a disability into the opposite—into possibility and positive energy, into a mounting sense of wonder.

TREMOR debuts in 2023 at the Phillips Museum at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pa., and travels to St. Catherine’s School, Richmond, Va., in 2024.

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